module 1

Lesson 1

 Stress vs. Productivity


What negative stress do you have?

I know what you're' thinking... When are we going to get to the cool productivity hacks and apps? 

Short answer - Module 3 and 4.

Long answer - It doesn't matter unless you do these steps first.

When everybody first tries to be more productive they first try to reach for the latest app or planner.  They ignore building the underlying habits because it's the not sexy and uncool part of the process.

Yet it is by far the most important!  It's not easy, there is no quick fix or app you can download for this, but it pays off. 

Without this, nothing else will have anywhere near as big an impact. Let's take the time to fully cover Module 1 and 2, as without them Module 3 and 4 won't work on their own. 

Use the work book to answer the following:

  • What negative energies or events are tapping into your energy and focus each day?
  • What is in your control and what is out of your control?

You can copy the workbook onto a piece of paper or planner you already have, print it out or fill it out dynamically. Up to you. 

Remember there is a difference between bad stress and good stress. 

Being asked to lead a new project, or present to an audience may be stressful, but the end result is a positive for us and our growth. This is good!

Once you've completed the workbook, let's continue on... 

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