module 2

Lesson 2

Your Confidence Action Plan



I’d like to say you don’t but truthfully, if you want to perform as your highest self, you do. It’s hard to be your best and do your best when you’re feeling down.

Whether we like it or not, there is a direct link between confidence, productivity, and results.

Greater confidence makes us believe more that we can do something, which makes us more charged to dive into our work boosting our productivity and getting results.  

High confidence gives us the energy to feed off of, to keep persisting and pushing towards goals even when things get challenging.

Boosted confidence also silences that inner critic who likes to tell us we can’t do things. This inner critic can tend to overshadow our positive thoughts when we are down.

I’ve learned that guy, our inner critic, will always be there. It’s up to us to take the steps and train ourselves to not listen to him. With our confidence boosted, he will go hide in the corner until the next time we are feeling down.

Once we’re feeling down again, he will suddenly pop out and tell us why we can’t do this, we’re wasting our time, no one is going to like it etc…

Following the steps in this module though will teach us how to win the fight against this guy, and how to deal with him when he does pop up.


Progress, fitness, health and creating momentum in your life.

These have all been studied to be core factors in influencing confidence in human psychology.

In the next two lessons we will get into great detail on how to build a high performing, confident body and mind.


The next biggest thing that boosts our confidence is creating progress.

Progress in our lives is one of the largest drivers in building not only our confidence, but overall happiness.

If you aren’t growing, you are dying.  It turns out that happiness that is true and lasting is quite simply this: progress. Progress = Happiness!

If you are growing, and giving, you will be happy. If you are moving forward in your life, if you are progressing personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually—you will be happy

Tony Robbins

Think of it like your own personal progress bar. Whenever we see a progress bar filling up on our phone, laptop or whatever we are waiting for, we can’t help but feel a little bit of joy every-time it fills in further.

This entire course is built to help you create more progress in your life.


Not everything around us will build our confidence up.

If we are on a plan to charge up our confidence, it’s a good idea to identify and action things that may detract from it.

The biggest battle will be with your own internal mind. If we can conquer our own mind in our journey to high confidence, we can much more easily ignore any negativity that may come up externally in our life.

If we are in a state of feeling down though, we need to more carefully guard and filter what we are absorbing from people and the world around us.

Everyone knows someone around them who has to criticize and put down the ideas, plans and thoughts of others.  Life will always have the haters of the world… It’s as safe a bet as when you turn on the evening news you will find almost nothing but negative stories and things gone wrong in the world.

When I’m in a confidence re-charge mode, I try to limit my time with both these types of people and influences to protect my mental mood and energy. I implement a “No BS” policy.



I start with the above to get your mind thinking on how each of these sections relate to your current life. Now it’s time for you to take over…

Create a plan, don’t rely on hope that your confidence levels will all of a sudden one day appear.

Treat confidence like a skill you are trying to build.

 It’s not just something you have or don’t have; you can train yourself to be more confident.  Life isn’t always perfect and life can throw a lot of unexpected events. Naturally your confidence will go up and go down from time to time…  Some days you will be strutting down the street and other days walking with your head between your legs.

If we treat confidence as a skill though, then we can build and develop on it.  Then much like learning a new talent, or riding a bike, if we find our new confidence skill lagging, we can execute on a plan to get it back.

I want you to pick 3 things, that if you completed them would boost your confidence up.

Here is an example that I actually wrote. In June 2016 after recently moving to San Francisco I found my confidence was really low. It was a new place, I had few friends and was surrounded by very intelligent and inspiring groups that overwhelmed and intimidated me.

Knowing everything above, I knew I needed a plan to get back on track.

Use the worksheet above to identify what three things you could build on to start making progress and momentum. What are three "confidence skills" you can build? 


You can fill it in interactively and save it or print it out, head to a coffee shop, grab your favorite tea or Americano and start writing down what you need to do.

 Be as specific as possible with this. Generic goals like “go to the gym more” are very easy to back out of.  Write down exactly what you will do at the gym, when you will do it, what you will eat etc… When you have a very detailed plan, it doesn’t really leave any excuses or questions to not execute on it.

Progress is Confidence. Being stagnant will drain you. Progress will also create momentum to help build a wave of confidence you can ride on.

The thing about creating progress and momentum in your life is… once you take the initial steps to start it moving, you will NOT want to stop.  It will also make your down times feel much more earned and enjoyable.

Creating progress, momentum and confidence in our life is a choice we make. It’s up to us to decide to take that first step forward. Continuously doing the exercise above, and building those confidence skills will help us keep that progress consistent. 

Even after just filling out the plan above on what you are going to do you will get a major boost. Trust me.

Make sure to save your results, as we will revisit them later in the course.

Now let's progress into how to build a confidence, high performing body and mind. 

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