module 2

Lesson 1

 How Confidence Really Works


When most people think about confidence and motivation, they usually believe one of the following two things:

  • 1. Confident people are just born with it
  • 2. It something that slowly just increases over time. Once you get confident, you tend not to lose it. 

Both of these are not right. Confidence and motivation actually looks like this:

Our confidence and motivation is like a never ending roller-coaster with peaks and valleys.

At times we will feel on top of the world, at other times we will be feeling at the bottom. 

When we understand this though, we can make plans for how to keep our confidence higher most of the time. As well, we can take actions so we know what to do when its low and we need a boost. 

The next three lessons will re-shape how we define confidence and give you an action plan to boost it up and keep it there.

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