module 3

Lesson 1

Why You Can't Focus

Has this ever happened to you? 

You're trying really hard to concentrate on finishing the task in front of you.
Finishing it would mean so much but then it happens...

All of a sudden you pick up your phone and start scrolling through your Instagram feed, email, YouTube, Facebook feed, or whatever else is calling for your attention. 

It happened so fast you didn’t even realize you did it. It was almost subconsciously done.

Then after you finally snap out of it and get focused again, you wonder where your past 10 minutes just went. 

Sound familiar?

After watching the video above, you know that this is due to our MonkeyBrain.

There are three ways we can help overcome this. 

  1.  First is simply being mindful knowing that this is happening.
  2. The key to controlling the monkey is cut off it's food supply. Give him less things he can use to distract you. 
  3. Lastly, we can train our focus muscle in our brain so we can have better mental control to get focused and stay focused. 

In this module, we will dive into a number of tactics and strategies to do this, get focused and start beating distractions. 

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