module 4

Lesson 3

Putting It All Together


The tasks and habits we built in this course are meant to be ongoing. 

Remember that success isn't always this glamorous shining object. Really, it's the mundane day to day tasks and habits we continuously do each day.

Turning what we learned into a system, it would look like the following:


The beauty of the approach of everything we talked about, is that it becomes far easier to balance work and pleasure.

When you operate with a model of being 100% focused on thing at a time you know exactly what you're working on. (Or not working on). 

The majority of us go through our days partially focused on one task while at the same time being focused on others.  We take this same approach even when we are not working.

We may be on vacation or out with friends but still simultaneously still diving into emails and thinking about the tasks that need to get done. In another case, perhaps we are watching Netflix but working at the same time. We are only half invested into each task so we never are truly focused on working or on resting, which makes us continuously exhausted. 

By following the methods to prime our body and mind, while mapping everything out into focused work blocks, we pick the exact times to be really productive and the times to completely switch off and re-charge.

Having our focused work times mapped out will not only make you get far more done in the same amount of time then you used to, it also makes you feel far less guilty for when you do take time to rest and recharge.

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