The productivity booster tip shared by Richard Branson, Will Smith and Tony Robbins

By Paul Milano


  1. Learn a simple productivity secret of some of the worlds most successful people.
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How to boost your productivity like
Richard Branson, Will Smith and Tony Robbins by making this a MANDATORY part of your daily routine.


Tim Ferriss wrote in his book The Four Hour Body about an occasion where a group of people were assembled on Richard Branson’s private island to brainstorm growth options for Branson’s Virgin Unite project.

Branson was posed with the question, “How do you become more productive?”
Branson leaned back and thought for a second. Then he said, “Work out.”
He said that working out gave him at least four additional hours of productive time every day.


Everyone knows working out helps you look better and improve your physique. Less understand though how the hormones it triggers help improve you performance, productivity and focus. Forbes Article – 6 Ways Exercise Makes you smarter.

However most high performing people know and understand this benefit.

That’s why to them, working out isn’t something you drag your feet to, it’s something they vigorously do to ensure they have the energy to be performing at their highest.

Tony Robbins energy levels are off the charts along with his ability to get things done at incredible speed. This isn’t just by chance, he adheres to one of the most fanatical routines to keep his body performing optimally.

In a podcast with Tim Ferris, Tony revealed his morning routine. He eats a breakfast generally consisting of salad and fish to maximize his energy hormones (for more info on WHY to do this check out my article HERE where I explain it), works out each morning, goes into a Jacuzzi to relax his muscles then does cryotherapy to get a jolt of endorphins and help repair muscle time.
The guy is so hardcore he even bought his own cryotherapy machine.

He knows and understands that his body and his health will set the ceiling on his success, so he takes massive action to ensure he keeps his body at the highest level.

San Francisco, CA - OCTOBER 13: Tony Robbins on October 13, 2014 in San Francisco, CA Brian L. Frank/Global Assignment by Getty Images for Fortune

San Francisco, CA – OCTOBER 13: Tony Robbins on October 13, 2014 in San Francisco, CA Brian L. Frank/Global Assignment by Getty Images for Fortune

Tony typically bounces around on a trampoline before speaking on stage to get his energy levels up. I’ve seen him live and can attest – it works. 

Will Smith attributes much of his success to a philosophy on continuously being ready. He emphasis this in his point he revealed in an interview on AskMen.

“If you stay ready, you ain’t gotta get ready, and that is how I run my life. Just stay ready. Stay in shape and then you don’t have to rush to train before the movie starts.”

He continuously keeps himself in top shape so his performance is always at its highest.

I also attribute this to why the guy hasn’t aged in the past 20 years.

Will Smith Photo

If you’re looking at the photo above and your answer is “I have no idea”, then I am glad because neither do I.

High performers in life treat their bodies like a Rolls Royce. They know that any day felt tired, lethargic, distracted, without focus or without energy is going to kill their productivity that day and slam the brakes on their progress.

They simply cannot afford these days and if you truly want to live a life that’s more then just average and become your best self, neither can you.

Now is that to say they will never feel that way? No, they are not robots (though sometimes I wonder with Will Smith, seriously the guy hasn’t aged since Fresh Prince). Cherishing your body will absolutely reduce these days to a minimum.

A lot of people I have seen get trapped in this cycle of being “busy” and of having no energy or being too tired to workout.

They complain they are to tired to workout, not realizing the one thing they are avoiding doing is the one thing that will help break them from this cycle of constant exhaustion.

Overall having more energy and productivity is only a piece of the puzzle in having more energy for life and more productivity but it is a large chunk that everyone can put into their schedule.

The more you move the more energy you will have.

I will let Arnold sum it up…


“If the president has time to work out so do you.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger




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