Who is Paul and what is EverProductive?

Good questions. 

My mission is to help ambitious individuals learn systems and habits to build a more powerfully productive life.

What does that mean?

Discovering how you can build the underlying techniques and habits to have greater energy, productivity, focus and quite simply get more things done.

Everyone wants to know how to add more value and deliver their best work in the hours we get each day. These are critical to advancing your business, your career and most importantly, you.

Not everyone knows where to start on doing this.

Let me help fill in the gaps...

I have an obsession with this topic. Along with my own habits, I have interviewed dozens of startup founders, CEO's and Vice Presidents in San Francisco (where I live now), Toronto (my hometown), Europe and other parts of the globe.

The objective is to discover and test the best techniques and habits to see how these folks do it.

I analyze and test out everything myself so let me share with you what works.

How to get started:

The first question to ask is, are you even capable of being more productive? Productivity does not mean working harder to the point of exhaustion.  Optimizing your mind and body to be capable of high performance is the first place to start. If you are constantly tired, lethargic, easily distracted and without focus you simply cannot operate at your highest potential.

With the help of dozens of other high-powered entrepreneurs I mentioned above, I've crafted a 5-day course to help you get started.

It's completely free, check it out here.

 Martin B 

 Founder @ FindFocus.net 


One of the best courses I've seen on this subject, plus a really nice design. 

If you're curious to know more about me read on...

Here's a brief look into my background:

I was the stereotypical tech kid growing up, nerdy, and shy with a love for all things computer related. I was building my first PC’s and coding my first websites by Grade 7.

This was in the 90's when you still had to do it all by hand...

Social skills did not come naturally to me, which is a nice way of saying I was terrible at meeting new people. This was something I had to spend a lot of time on to improve and get confident at.

In my career, I’ve worked in a few industries delivering technical projects and products.

Demanding clients (building products for trade-floor users) force you to find better ways to do things.

I love optimizing themes and figuring out how to make things run as best as they possibly can. This led to me getting a reputation with my colleagues as the "go-to guy if you want something to get done"  and "ultra quick in finishing things."  ​​​​​

This carried over to my own personal life as well

A number of years back, after going through a particularly rough time I developed an obsession with health and fitness.

I had realized that I was trying to make so many other things in life better but rarely myself.

On top of my career, I got certified in personal training, started training others and co-developed an outdoor workout program in my hometown of Toronto. This program expanded from 3 people to 50 person boot camps at once with multiple instructors.

This focus on health, fitness and building habits had dramatic changes on my day to day life. Aside from just my physique, my energy, focus, productivity, networks and income all went up.

Which leads us to where we are today.

This website, articles, interviews, and course are everything I’ve learned to help you build techniques to boost your own productive potential.

So you can get more focused, more productive, have more energy and deliver more results.